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Every day when we turn on the lights and get to work, we make four promises to each other and to our customers.  These promises ultimately (ideally) drive what you believe about us.  
If you've enjoyed our coffee for a long time, we hope you've been the recipient of these promises.  


1. We will be better coffee roasters and makers of coffee

As most companies grow, they tend to focus on the efficiencies that value a higher bottom line over the things that make customers most happy to buy their products.  Every day we try to balance the tension between being a company that lives off of operational cash flow and obsessing over the perfect cup.  No matter our size, we will always care about the coffee.

2. We will be more approachable 

When you engage La Barba, we believe that what you want is good and ok.  And we want you to feel free to ask for it.  We may not always have it, but we will never do anything that could make you feel dumb for asking.  In Salt Lake City, you have to be satisfying to the coffee snobs while always being ready to welcome new good coffee fans to the fold.

3. We will be kinder

You work hard for your money and you could spend it anywhere you want.  You choose to spend it at La Barba and for that we are grateful.  

4. We will be faster

Specialty Coffee is all about the craft.  And we all know that handcrafted goods don't come together as fast as commodities.  That said, you're busy.  We will always push the balance between speed and quality.  If we must err on one side, it's quality.  But we don't believe speed and quality are always at odds.