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Leader Qualities

To some degree, everyone is a leader at La Barba.  Not everyone is a manager, but everyone is a leader.  And with that, we have a clear hope for leaders at La Barba regarding how they act toward those they lead.


It's amazing what you can accomplish when you don't care who gets the credit.

1. The Window and the Mirror

We can't say it any better than Jim Collins in Good to Great.  The best leaders know how to credit others for their teams' success and blame themselves for the teams failure.  

A leader at La Barba must know how to see success as a function of the whole and not just themselves.  Anyone who needs credit for success and who passes blame along to others will likely be frustrated working at La Barba.


2. Leaders Eat Last

Simon Sinek says 'a leader who takes care of their people and stays focused on their well-being can never fail'.

At La Barba, leaders will focus on the well-being of the people they lead on whatever level is necessary for both the success of that human on a personal level and professional level holding both wellnesses in equal tension.   


3. Nothing is Beneath You

There's a tendency in all of us to believe that after a certain amount of time in any role, the old roles are beneath us.  Not at La Barba.  While, yes, we do ask that people be responsible for certain things which comes with accountability.  

When there is a need at La Barba, a leader steps in and helps no matter what needs to be done.  We want seniority to breed a servants mentality, not entitlement.