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We understand the language of specialty coffee is new to some of you.  We wanted to give you a resource when navigating our site so that you can understand what some of the deeper details mean.


Tasting Notes

These are not added, but are inherent in the coffee itself. What you see on our bag is simply what we feel we are tasting in the coffee.


How the coffee seed is removed, dried, and washed after harvest.

Natural Process

The coffee is laid out to dry with the fruit still on it, then separated and washed.

Washed Process

The coffee is de-pulped, left to ferment and dry, then washed.

Pulp Natural

The coffee cherry skin is removed (leaving behind most of the fruit), left to ferment and dry, then washed.


There are just over 100 species of coffee (arabica, robusta, etc.).  Because of its superiority, all of our coffee is of the Arabica species, we then offer a wide range of cultivars.


The specific variety (or subspecies) of Arabica coffee tree. Each one is unique and offers its own distinct taste.


The elevation and climate at which coffee is grown has an impact on its taste. One such factor is that at higher altitudes the cooler temperatures slows the plants growth and provides more time for sugars to develop. This provides sweeter and more complex coffee.

Country / Region

The origin from which we have imported the specific coffee.


The person(s) over the production of the specific coffee. This could be of a single farm or a co-op.