Kenya | Kainamui AA

Kenya | Kainamui AA

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This coffee is a classic Kenyan coffee in all the best ways. The tasting notes say it all. A grapefruit like acidity is balanced by a sugary, even syrupy sweetness. The cherry tomato note may seem odd, but it represents a flavor that is simultaneously sweet and savory. This is why Kenyan coffees are so highly regarded - this is a clean and sweet cup that has tremendous complexity.


The Kainamui coffee "factory" is situated in Kirinyaga county, on the slopes of Mount Kenya. The factory has 2000 members (1200 men, 800 women) who farm, on average, 200 trees each - a very small production. The factory is a cooperative where these small farmers can bring the (literal) fruit of their labor together for an efficient and very high quality processing in several stages of fermentation and drying. The result is a compelling coffee that commands a high price for the coop members, a win for everyone.


  • Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, Cherry Tomato, Cane Sugar
  • Region: Kirinyaga, Kenya
  • Producer: Kainamui Factory (Cooperative)
  • Cultivar: SL34, SL-28, Batian, Ruiru
  • Process: Washed, Raised Beds
  • Elevation: 1650M
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