Ethiopia | Banko Gotiti Natural

Ethiopia | Banko Gotiti Natural

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We loved Banko Gotiti Natural so much last year that had to go for some this year as well. What's wonderful about this year's coffee is that it is just as good but different, not simply a repeat of something before. Where last year's Banko Gotiti had some deep and juicy fruitiness - blueberry, honeydew - this year's Banko has a strawberry juiciness that is nicely matched by a heavy orange citrus pop that is delicious and an exciting addition to this coffee. 


Banko Gotiti washing station is directly supported by smallholder farms, which grow their coffee either in semi-forest conditions (farmers pruning and tending to naturally growing coffee trees in forest area) or garden conditions (coffee trees cultivated and tended near a farmer's residence). The washing station expands opportunities for smallholder farmers whose coffee might not have been marketable for the premium prices it deserves and gives farmers access to state of the art processing for their coffees.


  • Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Orange, Watermelon
  • Region: Gedeb, Ethiopia 
  • Producer: Eyasu Worsasa Washing Station
  • Cultivar: Ethiopia Heirloom
  • Process: Natural
  • Elevation: 2000-2300M
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