Yemen | Mocha Harazi
Yemen | Mocha Harazi
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Yemen | Mocha Harazi

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This is an intriguing coffee, and not just because it comes from Yemen. It has a floral delicacy that was initially difficult for us to pin down in roasting but has come out in a way that makes us want to keep drinking, as its floral character stands out alongside clean, fruity sweetness and body that result from careful natural processing.

We recommend letting this coffee rest a bit more than you might other coffees, as tempting as it is to drink it immediately. We also recommend a clean paper filter brew method that will highlight its floral character, such as a V60 or other pour over. However, we've only begun to explore what this coffee offers, so don't shy away from experimenting with your current favorite brew method.



Much of coffee's history as a beverage goes back to Yemen. The earliest migration of coffee in the 15th century saw the plant moving from the forests of Western Ethiopia across the Red Sea and ending up in Yemen. Yemeni monks of the 15th century are thought to be inventors of coffee drinking around the Port of Mokha.

Centuries of change and political instability have almost taken Yemen off the coffee map, though over the last decade or so Yemeni coffee has slowly come back on the scene and caused a stir for its variety and quality potential. Being grown in Yemen doesn't make a coffee great, but some passionate growers and exporters have begun to produce exceptional coffees and in the face of considerable logistical difficulty, these coffees have been making it across the globe.

We've tasted a handful of Yemeni coffees of varying quality over the past few years and all have been expensive. We jumped on the opportunity to source Mocha Harazi at more than double the cost of most of our green coffee because of its sourcing. After a considerable wait for it, we're excited to share it with you.


  • Tasting Notes: Rose, Coriander, Honeydew
  • Region: Sana'a
  • Producer: Manakha district farmers, Fatoum Muslot
  • Cultivar: Dawaeeri & Jadi
  • Process: Sundried Natural
  • Elevation: 1000-2200M
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